We started this journey together in September of 1999. Our intent was to follow our hearts and intuition to discover more about ourselves and who we were as partners. Since then, our creativity has taken many different directions, but always served to notate our life together and who we were becoming. Our work has ranged from significant architectural projects in Europe, writing books, stories, music and art. And after all of that time and different forms of expression, we still remain seekers on our own unique paths. We decided to bring in 2011 with a new site that would cover everything we have done, as an offering to the world that would be more comprehensive. Also, for ourselves, we wanted to capture everything in one place so we could better reflect on what has really happened over all of those years. In addition, this site will allow us to add to it in the future, enabling us to better tell the rest of the story as it continues to unfold. We hope you can take some time to rummage through our offerings to see if they speak to you, or trigger some creative ideas that might spark important new directions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any collaborative ideas that intrigue you—we are always looking for kindred spirits and new inspiration along the way. We are pleased to offer this, our creative notation: The ride of a lifetime!

C & E


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